Melting Memories

Melting Memories offers new insights into the representational possibilities that emerge from the intersection between advanced technology and contemporary art. The artwork showcases several interdisciplinary projects that translate the elusive process of memory retrieval into data collections. We are immersed in Anadol’s creative vision of "recollection."

"Science states meanings; art expresses them," writes American philosopher John Dewey. It draws a curious line between what he sees as the principal modes of communication in both disciplines. Anadol’s expressive statements in Melting Memories provide us with revealing and contemplative artworks that generate responses to Dewey’s thesis. Comprising of data paintings, augmented data sculptures and light projections, the overall project debuts new technological advancement that enables us to experience aesthetic interpretations of motor movements inside a human brain. All artworks come from the artist’s impressive experiments with tools of advanced technology provided by the Neuroscape Laboratory of the University of California, San Francisco.

The Neuroscape Laboratory is a neuroscience center that focuses on generating new scientific technology and research on the brain function of both healthy and impaired individuals. Anadol collects data on the neural mechanisms of cognitive control from an EEG (electroencephalogram) that measures changes in brain wave activity and evinces how the brain functions over time. These data sets constitute the building blocks for unique algorithms that the artist needs for the multi-dimensional visual structures on exhibition.

Anadol’s installations not only address a productive espousal of cutting-edge technology and art but also are strongly preoccupied with the study of human memory from Ancient Egypt to Blade Runner 2049. The exhibition’s title, Melting Memories, refers to the artist’s experiences with unexpected interconnections among seminal philosophical works, academic inquiries and artworks that take memory as their principal themes. The title further draws attention to the melting of neuroscience and technology into these centuries-long philosophical debates, questioning the emergence of a new space where artificial intelligence is not in conflict with individuality and intimacy.

On Exhibition at Wynn Palace
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