Sacral brings together some key traits of Edoardo Tresoldi’s work. Multiple languages blend and cross. Transparency weaves the Absent Matter into space. Balance and structural coherence inspire the references to Renaissance masters and classical architectural parts such as arch, column, and dome. Sacral is a tribute to not only the architectures that no longer exist but also the spaces that are capable of adapting to transformations.

With his unique technique, Tresoldi uses wire mesh to project a visual perception of classical archetypes in a strongly contemporary perspective. Visual and volumetric decompositions occur with the symphonic clashes and echoes between classical elements and contemporary industrial materials, as light determines its visibility from different angles and distances.

Unlike conventional architecture that encloses its context and confines its space, Sacral exists beyond the dimension of time. It invites us to enter a pure ethereal space and appreciate a new experimental aesthetic that inspires innovative and insightful architectural codes.

Sacral dissolves spatial and temporal limitations, while it generates abstractions that constantly amplify, move and change, with the transient and shifting points of view. Sacral is embodied with a narration that aims to interpret our present time with new languages and tools, to project new dimensions, and to interact with its environments.

On Exhibition at Wynn Palace