The Collected Works of Shingo Francis

Infinite Space (scarlet-yellow)

The monochromatic painting pulses with the vibrancy of bright scarlet-vermilion. The bright glow emanates out filling space with warmth and sensation. The scarlet-vermilion slowly fades at both top and bottom revealing a layer of yellow-green color. The gradual thinning out of the warm vermilion exposes yellow-green gestures through the fading transparent red until only yellow remains. Colors at top and bottom stop before they reach the edge of the canvas leaving only white. The white connects to the volume of space in ever-expanding infinite form.

This series of paintings are inspired by color, space, boundary and tension where the viewer is invited to contemplate the border between what is known to us and what is unknown.


It is an honor to be exhibiting my paintings alongside my father's artwork. "Matrix" is a response to my father’s painting "Untitled, 1978". I chose this painting because this series of grid paintings are simple in structure yet complex in creating a cosmos of paintings within each geometric and organic form throughout the span of the canvas. The interweaving of line, color and gesture work as a complete whole while at the same time depicting individual images and expressions. Matrix takes this structure and complex systems of color and gestures and reverses the effect with my own technique of painting from a series titled "Into Space".

My line pattern follows the grid structure of "Untitled, 1978", but flips the color to the outside of the line and brings the white within the boundaries of the grid structure. I also use a new type of Interference Paint that reveals a color spectrum when the light is reflected off the surface. There is a dialogue between the painting not only in structure and color but also in time where they were created exactly 40 years apart.

On Exhibition at Wynn Palace